Terms and Conditions

MINIMUM ORDER - $50  Prices subject to change without notice.

From US customers, I can accept a US check, US money order, or PayPal.  (PayPal payments may be subject to fees.)

From overseas customers, I can accept the following:
1) International Bank Check, made out in US Dollars, with the name of the US Bank on the FRONT of the check.
2) International POSTAL Money Order, made out in US Dollars.
3) Western Union money transfer.
4) PayPal (subject to fees)
5) I do not accept credit cards.

I cannot be responsible for uninsured packages.  When you place an order, it is understood that you have read these terms, and assume all the risk of uninsured packages.

RETURN POLICY – If the models are significantly not as described, you are welcome to return them for a refund.  If they are as described, there is no warranty, expressed or implied.  If you have any questions, please ask before ordering, so there are no surprises.